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Community Voluntary Partners

Umbrella organisation for the community and voluntary sector in Bolsover District. Provides advice, information, support & development services and ensures that the community and voluntary sector have a voice and is able to influence and participate in strategic planning, policy making, service development & delivery.


CVPs vision is of empowered local people and community and voluntary organisations that have real influence over policy, planning, service development and delivery through genuine partnership working


To create, support, develop & facilitate the structures through which local people, community groups and voluntary organisations can influence the policy, strategic planning, service development & delivery process locally, regionally and nationally.

To build the skills, capacity, confidence and knowledge of local people, community groups and voluntary organisations so that they can engage effectively in voluntary and community activity.

To advocate, lobby and campaign on behalf of local people, community groups and voluntary organisations in order to ensure that policy makers, strategic planners and service providers are responsive to local needs and effectively engage with local communities


Partnership Working

  • promoting ownership, accountability and respect for each other
  • ensuring inclusivity and opportunities for engagement
  • empowering & enabling local people, community groups and voluntary organisations to engage

Social Justice

  • respecting and valuing diversity and difference
  • promoting equality
  • addressing power imbalances between individuals, within groups and society
  • challenging inappropriate and oppressive behaviour in ourselves and others

being a Learning Organisation

  • monitoring, evaluating and reflecting on our practice
  • being honest and open to challenge and change
  • proactive in meeting new and emerging needs
  • being prepared to take risks and learn from our mistakes

Types of Services:

Ensure that local needs and issues are identified and addressed through partnership working

- Undertake community based research

- Work with local people, community groups, voluntary organisations and, where appropriate, statutory agencies to action plan relevant responses to locally identified needs and issues

- Maintain and develop a database of community groups and voluntary organisations

- Support, develop and facilitate community associations/groups in order to identify and address local issues

Support and develop community and voluntary organisations in order for them to function effectively and deliver relevant, quality services

- Support and develop new and emerging community groups and voluntary organisations

- Provide a funding advice service including access to a funding library and a signposting service to other funding advice providers

- Provide an advice and information service on organisational development, management & governance issues

- Publicise, promote & provide affordable, high quality training to community groups and voluntary organisations

- Quarterly newsletter, email briefings & website

Facilitate effective networking and partnership working inter sector & cross sector

- Support and facilitate networks & forums

- Represent the community and voluntary sector on a range of statutory sector & partnership bodies

- Provide a matching/signposting service putting organisations, groups and agencies in touch with each other

Enable the views of the community and voluntary sectors to be represented effectively at policy, planning and service delivery levels

- Publicise, promote and disseminate information on strategic & policy initiatives including conferences and events

- organise & facilitate consultation events

- Support and facilitate community and voluntary sector representation on strategic partnership bodies

- Promote & develop the voluntary sector compact


9 FTE paid staff.  150 members.  250 organisations as contacts.

Lorna Wallace (Manager)
01246 823852
Kitchencroft, Oxcroft Lane, Bolsover, Derbyshire, S446DW
Key Categories: 
VCS Support,  Training, Learning, Skills,  Funding
Area Served: 
Bolsover District
Entered: 8 Apr 2008   Updated: 15 Feb 2013
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3D provides support for voluntary organisations & community groups in Derby & Derbyshire.

It achieves this as a partnership of Derby & Derbyshire support organisations, working together.

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