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Definition of Third Sector Support Agency

What is a third sector support organisation?

A third sector support organisation is one which provides the support that helps third sector groups and organisations achieve their aims.

This support takes many forms including,

  • physical facilities
  • structures
  • systems
  • relationships
  • people
  • knowledge
  • skills

that exist to support and develop, co-ordinate, represent and promote front line organisations thus enabling them to deliver their missions more effectively.

Third sector support organisations, often called ‘second tier’, intermediary or umbrella organisations, provide support to frontline organisations. They are usually generic (supporting all frontline organisations within a particular geographic area) or specialist (supporting a particular sub sector of the voluntary and community sector or offer a particular area of expertise).

Third sector support agencies active in Derby and Derbyshire have formed an alliance called Derby & Derbyshire Infrastructure Alliance (DDIA). These agencies are both generic and specialist.

Last Modified: 9 Jun 2023
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DDIA provides support for voluntary organisations & community groups in Derby & Derbyshire.

It achieves this as a partnership of Derby & Derbyshire support organisations, working together.

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Last Modified: 9 Jun 2023