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What is 3D?

3D is a consortium of voluntary and community sector support agencies working collaboratively to achieve the best possible support for voluntary and community groups in Derby and Derbyshire. We define a ‘support agency’ as one which provides the physical facilities, structures, systems, relationships, people, knowledge and skills that help frontline voluntary and community sector organisations to achieve their aims.


3D members have a collective vision to improve the quality of life for the people of Derby and Derbyshire, through the development and support of an effective, active, robust and vibrant voluntary and community sector.


To work together to develop consistently excellent, appropriate and accessible support services, enabling voluntary and community groups across Derby and Derbyshire to fulfil their potential.

What does 3D do, and what difference does it make?

3D exists and is valued by its member and other stakeholders because it:

  • Provides a platform for voluntary and community sector support agencies to come together so that they can think and act strategically, collaborate effectively and maximise their impact
  • Offers a focal point for the voluntary and community sector in Derby and Derbyshire, and an initial point of contact for partners from other sectors.
  • Provides a single point of entry for communication and consultation with the voluntary and community sector in its widest sense. 3D acts as a ‘network of networks’. Through its members, and the frontline groups they work with (an estimated 5,000 voluntary and community groups across Derby & Derbyshire) 3D is able to disseminate information to, and invite contributions from groups of all sizes, and hence to connect with all parts of the local community.
  • Offers mechanisms to facilitate discussions and decision making within the sector, and to co-ordinate representation. For example the election of voluntary sector representatives on strategic partnerships, with established methods in place for these reps to gather wider views and report back.
  • Enables co‐ordinated delivery of countywide activity to support voluntary and community groups (for example countywide forums or consultation, developing collaborative projects and services, organising training or events)
  • Liaises with, and feeds local issues into, appropriate agencies and networks at county level and above.
Last Modified: 13 Nov 2013
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3D provides support for voluntary organisations & community groups in Derby & Derbyshire.

It achieves this as a partnership of Derby & Derbyshire support organisations, working together.

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Last Modified: 13 Nov 2013